Каменна сватба

Legend of Stone Wedding

Four kilometers from Kardzhali City, nearby the village of Zimzelen is located an exceptionally beautiful natural phenomenon, which must be seen.

The rock fragments resemble two newlyweds in love. The legend has it that two young people were getting married, but while all the wedding guests were moving solemnly, a wind blew and raised the veil of the bride.

The father-in-law saw the unearthly beauty of the bride and unclean thoughts went through his head. At that moment, nature intervened and petrified everyone except the groom.

He cried and asked to be stoned as well, so that he would stay close to his beloved woman forever. To this day, water is collected next to his figure, which is said to be his tears.

Along with the Stone Mushrooms located near the village of Beli Plast, the Petrified Wedding is one of the most interesting rock formations from the so-called Kardzhali pyramids, located on the hills Kayadzhik and Chukata in the Eastern Rhodopes. The rock formations reach a height of 10 m and are located on an area of 50 decares.

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