First time visitor guide


Browse the Vocabulary section and check the some of the basic Bulgarian greetings, phrases and simple questions.


Set your watch right. Find easily the exact time difference and make sure your meeting times for your contacts, locations and places around the world are correct.

Weather and geography

Bulgaria Weather. Check the Balkan Climate, Weather conditions and the extraordinary Geography of the region.

Plugs and electricity

Information guide covering charging electronic devices and personal appliances while in Bulgaria. Determine which types you will need during your stay.


See up-to-day information of the Bulgarian Currency. Cash and Currency Exchangers. Overview the Banks in Bulgaria.

Credit cards

Using a credit card in Bulgaria. Discover how to make credit card payments.


Tipping in Bulgaria. Who, When and How Much.

Business hours and holidays

Section to check the business working hours and Bulgarian Holidays Calendar.

Basic Driving Rules

Summary information while driving in Bulgaria, Road speed Limits, Toll Taxes, Basic Bans and more.

Public transport

Check the Bulgarian public transport system. Find the most convenient transport for your trip.


Bulgarian tap water. Street water fountains and mineral springs.


Delicious Traditional Cuisinе. Unique combination of Continental and Oriental styles in a perfect taste.

Customs and manners

Learning a little about the Bulgarian Customs and Manners. Rituals that combine pagan and Christian world-views.

Local laws

Brief information of the local laws and the state legislation.


Get in touch with your Embassy or Consulate.

Visa and border control

Useful information about the Visa and Border control requirements, EU citizens and Citizens of other countries.

Staying safe

Insure your trip in Bulgaria and Stay Safe. Check this section for an emergency response.

Useful apps

Browse our hand picked recommendation of useful apps for your stay in Bulgaria.