Tap water

Tap water is perfectly safe to drink, but while you’re here you have a chance to enjoy the many health benefits of mineral water, drawn from the numerous mineral water springs strewn across the country.

Mineral water

Some of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria were based around thermal springs ever since the ancient Thracians. Thracians were the first to discover the healing properties of water and to build their towns in the vicinity of such springs. Thus were founded the first cities – Sofia, Hisar, Sandanski, Kyustendil and many others.

Later these lands were conquered by the Romans, who continued the Thracian tradition and built their Roman therms (baths). The mineral water was used for treatment of various diseases and for fitness.

Nowadays, mineral water donates its healing and restorative properties in modern SPAs and sanatoriums and is included into a variety of procedures. When combined with a favorable climate and fresh mountain or marine air, mineral water gives health and fitness in various climatic and spa resorts in the country.