Modern life is very dynamic and people are looking for different opportunities to relax. Spa treatments are increasingly popular for stress relief and spa resorts are favorite holiday destinations.

Bulgaria has wonderful natural resources, including more than 500 deposits of mineral waters and 1600 springs with a total capacity of approximately 5000 liters per second. This,and the millenary tradition in using the power of water, creates conditions for a greatlydeveloped spa and wellness tourism.

There are many resorts, modern clinics and centers in the mountains and the sea side, offering professional care, testing and treatment, as well as various procedures.

Bulgarian Union of Balneology and SPA Tourism

BULGARIAN UNION OF BALNEOLOGY AND SPA TOURISM (BUBSPA) is a non-profit organization, associating municipalities, investors, tour operators, experts and organizations, operating in the field of medical, SPA and wellness industry. Our vision is to revive Bulgaria as a year-round health, SPA and wellness tourist destination, offering a unique therapeutic product in Europe based on the natural resources such as therapeutic spring waters, peloids and climate. Our mission is: Revival of the traditions in the field of balneology since the Thracian and Roman times till today; Promotion on the international market of the modern Bulgarian balneo SPA product; promoting Bulgaria as a European health center.

BUBSPA is the only Bulgarian organization that is a member of the European Spas Association, similar to the national SPA associations of all European Union member-states.

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