Weather and geography


Bulgaria has a humid continental climate with four seasons and in the areas to the south and the Black Sea the climate is Mediterranean.


The republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe and occupies 23% of the territory of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders on the north by Romania; to the south by Greece, South-East with Turkey to the west with Serbia and Republic of North Macedonia to the east lies the Black Sea.

Located between Southern and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria covers parts of the regions of Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia. Approximately 1/3 of the territory is plain, plateaus and hills are equal to about 41%.

In the southwestern part of the country are Rila and Pirin mountains, to the east are located the more extensive Rhodope, and the highest mountain in the southeast is Strandja. The highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula – Musala with height 2925 meters, is located in Rila. The Balkan Mountains cross the country from west to east. The Southeast, along the Black Sea and Danube River, is characterized by hilly and flat terrain.