Local laws

A little homework can help you stay out of trouble

As in any country you visit, follow the local laws to the letter to avoid any unfortunate mishaps or misunderstandings.

Make sure you are aware of the local laws in Bulgaria as ignorance is not accepted as a valid line of defence. While you should be mindful of the following, thorough research through the proper channels is strongly recommended.

Be sure to carry your passport with you at all times as a form of identification. The chances are you won’t need to show it, but there is always a chance that you may be required to do so.


Smoking indoor and at some outdoor public places is banned. Smoking outside is generally allowed with some exceptions. This ban on one hand protects the health of non-smokers who are exposed to tobacco smoke in indoor and some outdoor public places, and on the other hand protects smokers themselves from excessive use of tobacco and tobacco products. This rule is strictly enforced—especially in the country’s main cities—and can result in a fine, so don’t break it. It is strictly forbidden to sell and/or to buy tobacco products to a persons under age of 18.


Drinking outside doesn’t violate any laws. However, loud and boisterous behaviour is not tolerated, so try to keep any partying under control. Also it is strictly forbidden to sell and/or to buy alcohol products to a persons under age of 18.


There is zero tolerance towards any kind of drug-related crime. Simply put, just don’t do it.
Be aware that cannabis is treated in the same way as other drugs. Possession of a small amount can lead to a prison sentence, so please don’t bring cannabis into the country; even if it is prescribed in your country of origin.