Вкаменените братя

Legend of Petrified Brothers

Near the town of Aytos, in the area of Kazanite (the Cauldrons), rises a bizarre natural formations group – three impressive rocks, which most often people likened to three brothers-fighters and defenders of the oppressed. Legend has it that the Three Brothers […]


Legend of Tatul

As far back as 3,500 years ago, the rock near Tatul was revered as a heroön – a sanctuary of a Thracian king deified after his death. Apart from being a sanctuary for the sacrifices of the ancient Thracian deities, this monument was […]

Солената вода

Legend of Miraculous Water Source Salty Water

At the foot of Sakar, where the Tundzha River crosses the mountain, behind the border branch with Turkey, near Topolovgrad and the village of Rakovets, a wonderful mineral spring gushes from a rock crevice. According to the locals, this place is God’s. […]

Русен Русин камък

Legend of Rusin Stone

The megalithic sanctuary Rusin Stone is located in the highest and rocky part of the Rusokasto fortress, 2.5 km northwest of the village of Rusokastro in the Burgas municipality of Kameno. About 4000 years ago, at the foot of the Big stone, […]


Legend of Perperikon

Perperikon is a mountain massif, sacred rock city, capital and a fortress with a king palace, in which every inch of rock surface is worked by human hand. This sanctuary is located in the Eastern Rhodopes and rises on a rocky peak […]

Връх Марагидик

Legend of Maragidik Peak

Maragidik is a peak in the Balkan Mountains, above Apriltsi, its other famous name is “Mermaid”. Located north of the central ridge, it can be seen from the entire northern foot of the mountain, east of the Beklemeto pass. There is a […]