Родопска кухня

Rhodope cuisine

Many myths and legends adorn the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains.

Its unique atmosphere has given rise to exquisite cuisines, famous for its authentic taste and culinary traditions.

Here we can find the grain – Spelt, which has been a staple in this region’s cuisine since the ancient Thracians.

Not to mention the great wealth of berries, wild mushrooms and herbs present in the centuries-old forests, lush meadows and mountain streams.

Famous for their cattle breeders, herds of sheep, goats and cattle are a common sight here. The yogurt produced here is a staple of not only Rhodope cuisine but but around the balkans.

Yogurt, many accredit the long lives of the Rhodope people to this particular part of their diet. The incredible bio-diversity of lactic acid bacteria in the region make this yogurt stand out from the rest.

Patatnika is a simple and delicious meal prepared from potatoes, onions, salt and mint. Grated potatoes are mixed with a special set of spices and baked on low heat like a big pancake or omelette.

Klin or Rhodope Banitsa. The traditional wedge shaped banitsa is made with rolled out pasty and a stuffing of rice, eggs, cheese, butter, salt. The filling is spread between layers of pastry and baked. Serve with yogurt or kefir.

Kachamak – the king of Rhodope cuisine. It is prepared from corn flour boiled in salted water under constant stirring. Served with shredded cheese or fried pork rind and drizzled with hot red pepper oil.

Smilyanski fasul. This type of green bean was cultivated along the upper reaches of the Arda River in the villages of Smilyan and Mogilitsa. It can be incorporated in soups, salads or stews. It even has its own festival in the Rhodope region.

Agneshko cheverme. This lamb roast is an integral part of the traditional table of the Rhodopes – a classic for a mountainous region. Lambs in the Rhodopes are only fed fresh mountain grass and this is very apparent from the taste. Skewered and cooked on an open fire for 3 to 6 hours, this dish is a must try for every meat lover.

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