Вила Юстина

Villa Yustina


Villa Yustina

Villa Yustina was founded in 2006 and one year later was created the first “Monogram”. Year 2008 of our history is made famous of planting the first 20 hectare of our vineyards, later in 2014 the hectares were doubled to 42 ha.

With the help of Euro Project in 2013 it was built completely new wine cellar, which is nowadays an example of modern wine industry and etnotourism in Bulgaria.

Our main goal is to produce still and sparkling wines from our own grapes and to develop wine tourism. As an experimental winery and showroom of  “Tomika Metal” Ltd we have the abilities to produce different styles of wine using the last generation technologies. Villa Yustina winery has won numerous international wine awards, which are proof of competitive power in the world market.


Villa Yustina’s vineyards of 42ha are located on 4 km away from the winery, on a southern slope with 300 m average altitude. The position of the rows is Norteastern, the soils are strongly calcareous, where are grown Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay, Aligoté, Gewurztraminer, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Mavrud and Rubin.

The park is a desired destination during the spring and summer season for different kind of events like weddings, rock concerts, picnics, folklore parties.

Wine tours

Villa Yustina – Home of The four seasons and your magic wine story.

We welcome Guests, but we say “Goodbye” to Friends! We want to show you more and the tell you more about us.

From the most beautiful Park-vineyard in Bulgaria, through the goat farm “Agro Yustina”, “The Wine Route” in the cellar, our treasure – the enotheque, and in the tasting room which is for 60 people. This is the place we will present you more about our wines.

From monthly Gourmet challenges to private or business events or seminars, the wine Workshops can make your team-building more colorful. From a picnic outdoors in the vineyards to the most elegant inside atmosphere in our enotheque!

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Устина, Пловдив, 4228, Bulgaria.

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