Винарско имение Мидалидаре

Midalidare Estate

Winery Midalidare Estate is situated at one of the famous wine regions in Bulgaria: Thracian Valley.

Винарска изба Пълдин

Pulden Wine Cellar

Winery Wine Cellar Pulden PLC – Perushtitsa is an old cellar with a rich tradition, located in the heart of the Southern vine-growing and wine region.

Вила Юстина

Villa Yustina

Winery Villa Yustina was founded in 2006 and one year later was created the first “Monogram”.

Винарска изба Румелия

Rumelia wine cellar

Winery Rumelia wine cellar was established in 2006 in the town of Panaguriste, on the Thracian plains.

Винарна Загрей

Zagreus Winery

Winery Zagreus Winery is a modern complex with a fully complete production cycle beginning from the grapes and ending with the bottle of wine.