Винарско имение Мидалидаре

Midalidare Estate


Midalidare Estate

Midalidare Estate is situated at one of the famous wine regions in Bulgaria: Thracian Valley. The estate is set at the heart of the gently rolling hills of Sredna gora mountain, in Mogilovo village. Two wineries, one on the eastern and one on the western side of the village, are surrounded by 160 ha carefully grown vineyards.

The smaller winery on the west was built in 2009 and initially it had a capacity of 120 000 bottles. Starting with the very first vintage Midalidare wines achieved immediate success in Bulgaria and abroad and the estate soon become attractive destination for wine tourism.

In 2011 second, eastern winery was built, and it has a capacity of 160 000 bottles. Both wineries are operational, the process and transportation of the grapes are perfectly optimized. On the west, where the Bio-certified Dabovets vineyard is situated, a priority is given to the smaller winery where one of the famous high-quality red Midalidare wines are vinified.

The eastern winery is a renewed former agro-industrial complex. The grapes from Karaliets, Shipkata and Prisovete vineyards are vinified here. The head office is a part of the eastern winery as well as the place where the guests are welcome at Midalidare.

Eastern winery offers an attractive wine tour starting with “Follow the Wine Road” and “Library of Varieties” visit followed by Wine museum tour, where, among all, the guests could check their knowledge and to interactively create their own wine.


The combination of climate and soil conditions in Mogilovo is remarkable. What makes the region and the terroir unique is the big temperature amplitude. At the same time an advantage and disadvantage for viticulture, the difference between the day and the night temperature can reach 20°С.

Although a precondition for the spring frost of the vines, the great amplitudes in Midalidare are considered as a nature’s gift. A blessing which provides the optimal content of acidity and which represents a necessary condition for the unique style and exceptional ageing potential.

The average altitude of vines in Midalidare is from 320 to 390 meters above sea level. The climate is characterized with mild winter and warm summer. The rate of annual rainfall in the area is about 550 mm, the average winter temperature is above 0ºС.

The vines are benefited from more than 2800 hours of sunshine per year and more than 100 clear days per year. The temperature amplitudes are great and often become a perquisite for spring frost. In Midalidare is applied a thermal inversion in combating the early spring frost of the shoots. For the purpose are used helicopters which take down the warm air back to the vines.

The land of Mogilovo village is a natural Eden for viticulture. The ground is highly heterogeneous due to the difference in the soil forming rocks in the separate zones of the area. The diversity of cinnamon forest soils and alluvial soils (in the bottom layers), limestone, sandy and clay rows and the magnificent red clay of Dabovets vineyard are a further prerequisite for the wine variety in the estate of Midalidare.


No compromises with quality are made In Midalidare. Therefore, a detailed study of the climate and soil composition of the land precedes the planting and cultivation of the vines.

The varieties presented are the ones suitable for the given conditions and the terroir, and whose development has been carefully monitored over the years, with the clear aim of learning all the intricacies and creating wines of exceptional character.

Each variety has a carefully chosen branch and grapevine rootstock and the overall management of the vineyards is directed towards extraction of the best of the land in Midalidare.

The red varieties in Midalidare are presented by Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Mourvedre, Petit Verdot и Pinot Meunier. The whites are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Traminer, Semillon и Viognier.

All the varieties are available at the “Library of Varieties” as a part of the Wine tour.

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Mogilovo, Stara Zagora, 6239, Bulgaria.

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