Солената вода

Legend of Miraculous Water Source Salty Water

At the foot of Sakar, where the Tundzha River crosses the mountain, behind the border branch with Turkey, near Topolovgrad and the village of Rakovets, a wonderful mineral spring gushes from a rock crevice. According to the locals, this place is God’s.

Legend has it that once, in the days when God walked the earth, he got tired, decided to sit down and rest there.

He washed his eyes in the spring, and a tear fell into the water, it has been salty ever since. From time immemorial, this place has been known as a miraculous place and sick people go there to seek healing on the night before Savior’s Day.

It is said that water helps with joint problems, skin and eye problems.

It is difficult to find the place without guidance from the locals, but if you decide to try – its coordinates are 41°56’07. 26°33’15.0″E.

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