Villa Vinifera

Villa Vinifera


Villa Vinifera

Wine is the liquid with the most history in itself. It carries the taste of the land in the Rhodopes, the wind coming down from the mountains and the attention that only human hands can give it as they gently envelop each cluster of grapes. Something that machines will never be able to do and something that our winery is proud with.

The wine that we produce with great care and love has a lot to tell about itself. Huddled in the heart of the mountains – Brestovitsa village, the winery was established back in 1936. It was built by a German architect whose name is lost somewhere in time, but the found archival drawings and documents confirm it and create a sense of professionalism.

Its first name is “Misket”. Since then the winery have never stopped working and always as a place for special clients and guests with limited edition wine. In the winery are working people who not only love their work but also live with the transformation of the liquid from must to wine.

We are proud with every bottle of wine that we produce. Our own vineyards enable us to take care of the grapes in the best possible way thanks to our experience back in time, climatic conditions and geographical location of our land. We have arrays of Mavrud, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat, Chardonnay, Traminer and desire to produce pleasure for your taste buds.

The fact that our customers and our fans and friends trust us, makes us more considerate of every cluster and grain of grapes. Because for us, wine is a religion in which the God is you, satisfied with the taste of the red liquid.

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Капитан Петко Войвода, Brestovitsa, Plovdiv, 4224, Bulgaria.

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