Катаржина естейт

Katarzyna Estate


Катаржина естейт

Katarzyna Estate was opened in 2007 and has been the largest investment in the industry for years. Thanks to the unique terroir, combined with the professionalism and passion of the team, the cellar from the very beginning is distinguished by the highest quality and innovation. For 11 years, Katarzyna Estate won over 300 awards from the most prestigious international competitions, which is a recognition not only for the cellar but also for the Bulgarian wine.

Our goal is to use the traditional wine techniques to uncover the uniqueness of our vineyard, its terroir and to create wines that carry the elegance and sophistication of the Old World. To find the purest balance between fruit, acids, oak and tannins. The terroir is the essence of our wines, it is all or nothing. Everything, because nothing is possible without it and it is nothing, because it manifests itself only through our labour.

Katarzyna Estate is located in one of the most fertile vineyard districts in Bulgaria and is located on the same latitude with some of the most famous wine regions in Europe. The cellar is situated in the southernmost part of the country, 2 km. from the border with Greece, at the foot of the Eastern Rhodopes. The area is hilly, very picturesque and still beautifully wild.

A great advantage of the cellar is that the team works and has many and most of all different qualities and specific areas in our vineyards. This enables a large number of different batches of wines to be used to shape the final products. To realize the whole project – from idea and sketch to true good wine as a final product. The wine expresses and carries the specifics of the terroir, the style of the technologists and even the taste of the consumers.


The climate is moderate continental, with a strong Mediterranean influence. Characteristic features are warm summer, mild winters and relatively small annual temperature amplitude.

An important prerequisite for the favorable development of the vineyards in the region is the unique air corridor that forms between Sakar Mountain and the Eastern Rhodopes. Katarzyna Estate is located in the region with the longest sunshine.

Terroir is the essence of our wines, it is all or nothing. Everything, because nothing is possible without it and it is nothing, because it manifests itself only through our labor.


Katarzyna Estate owns 7,500 decares of its own vineyards in one of the best vineyards in Bulgaria. The selected varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Tempranio, Carmen, Mavrud, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semiyon, Violet, Pinot Gris, Muscat, Traminer are geared to the climatic features of the region and the type of soil. The most important thing we have found is that consistent and accurate results in the quality of the product are obtained in the correct and precise work in the vineyard.


The wines of Katarzyna Estate are produced using classical technology with predominantly manual labour. During the grape harvest, the sugar content, the titratable acids and the phenolic maturity of the grapes are monitored daily through analyses and tastings.

Precise results logs are kept in order to accumulate the database to assess the real potential of the terroir. The wines are matured in French oak barrels, as they are regularly fed and monitored for qualitative changes. After bottling, the wine is aged in bottles in an underground tunnel with a constant temperature of 14° C and 75% humidity.

Some of the vineyards of Katarzyna Estate are kept organic. Organic wine is a new reading of the product produced hundreds of years ago, reflecting the modern man’s goal of returning to primary and natural, as well as protecting the environment.

The practices of organic production almost do not affect the characteristics of the wine and do not necessarily guarantee better taste. Katarzyna Estate is processing organic grapes sice 2015.

Wine tours

Situated in the southern part of Bulgaria, only a few hours from the sunny beaches of Greece, the Katarzyna Estate combines tasty wine tasting, walks through the vineyards and visit the numerous cultural monuments that the region is famous for.

The frescoes in the cellar depict the meeting of the Dionysian and Eleusinian mysteries with their Thracian roots.

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