Legend of Tatul

As far back as 3,500 years ago, the rock near Tatul was revered as a heroön – a sanctuary of a Thracian king deified after his death.

Apart from being a sanctuary for the sacrifices of the ancient Thracian deities, this monument was also a center for observing the sunrise and sunset on certain days of the year – on the day of the winter solstice, for example, when the sun fell at the center of a sunrise special rock crevice.

This is suggested by the shape of the highest part of the megalith – a concave semicircle resembling the rising sun. The most special thing here is that this kind of sarcophagus is aimed exactly at the Sun on the days of the equinox. The truncated pyramid-shaped rock is unlike any other found in our lands.

The hypothesis that this tomb was a sanctuary of Orpheus himself was expressed in the last century.

The Thracian sanctuary near the village of Tatul also preserves mystical energies from the past. The sanctuary is an impressive megalithic monument and is a truncated pyramid carved into the rock.

Many remains have been found inside, including part of a gold mask, two sarcophagi, a 3-meter well and a bed for the main altar.

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