Вила Юстина

Villa Yustina

Winery Villa Yustina was founded in 2006 and one year later was created the first “Monogram”.

Катаржина естейт

Katarzyna Estate

Winery Katarzyna Estate was opened in 2007 and has been the largest investment in the industry for years.


Legend of Tatul

As far back as 3,500 years ago, the rock near Tatul was revered as a heroön – a sanctuary of a Thracian king deified after his death.


Legend of Perperikon

Perperikon is a mountain massif, sacred rock city, capital and a fortress with a king palace, in which every inch of rock surface is worked by human hand.

Кован Кая

Legend of Kovan Kaya

Kovan Kaya is part of a megalithic Thracian cult complex in the Eastern Rhodopes, near the village of Dolno Cherkovishte, Haskovo region.

Караджов камък

Legend of Karadjov Stone

The folk legend related to Karadjov Stone tells about Karadzha Voivode from the village of Yavrovo, near Asenovgrad, who bravely defended the population of the surrounding villages from the attacks of the Ottomans and the bashi-bazouks.