Добруджанска кухня

Dobruja Cuisine

Dobruja – often called the breadbasket of Bulgaria, is an agricultural region famous for its grain crops. As such, it is no surprise delicious golden pastries are often the centrepiece of their cuisine. Dobruja’s artisans have a little-known trick when making their […]

Северозападна кухня

The culinary world of Northwestern Bulgaria

Northwestern Bulgaria is surrounded by the peaks of Stara Planina and the picturesque Danube and Iskar rivers. The hilly Zlaten Rog and the endless expanse of the Zlatia along the Danube have the most fertile black soil. The mountainous part of the […]

Банско и Разлог кухня

Cuisine Bansko and Razlog

Bansko is one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria. Its unique location at the foot of the Pirin Mountain. Its ski slopes hold a rich history and an even richer culinary diversity. Bansko’s people are not only masters of home-cooked style […]

Кухня от шоплука

Shopluk cuisine

In Western Bulgaria you will find the territory known as Shopluka and there you will find the Shopi. A proud people with a relentless spirit and a love for good food and strong brandy. There are three main products on every table […]

Тракийска кухня

Thracian cuisine

The most expansive lowlands in Bulgaria is the Upper Thracian Lowlands, also known as Thrace, colloquially. Since ancient times, distinct sorts of vegetables and fruits and extensive vineyards with unique grape varieties have contributed to a diverse cuisine. Sarmi – prepared from […]

Родопска кухня

Rhodope cuisine

Many myths and legends adorn the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains. Its unique atmosphere has given rise to exquisite cuisines, famous for its authentic taste and culinary traditions. Here we can find the grain – Spelt, which has been a staple in […]