Добруджанска кухня

Dobruja Cuisine

Dobruja – often called the breadbasket of Bulgaria, is an agricultural region famous for its grain crops. As such, it is no surprise delicious golden pastries are often the centrepiece of their cuisine.

Dobruja’s artisans have a little-known trick when making their bread – they use a unique clay pot and bury it in the middle of the embers.

From soups and stews to deliciously steamed vegetables and meats, clay pottery plays such an important role in their craft, it even has its own dedicated holiday.

One example is the Sač – a special clay plate used to prepare meat, vegetables or flat breads, while the Chuvan is a cast iron pot, traditionally put over an open fire, that is perfect to cook a nice hearty meal for you and your friends.

Dobrujanska kavarma. When you order kavarma in Dobruja, you won’t find the usual meaty dish served in most other places, but an atypical “folded” pie. The pastry is pleated like a harmonica, with lots of mixed in of cheese and butter and covered with yogurt, milk and eggs before being baked.

Dobrujanski luchnik – Onion, garlic, roasted red peppers and tomato paste, seasoned with thyme, basil and summer savory, form the stuffing for this delicious treat.

The dough is divided into three and rolled out. The vegetable stuffing is then spread between each crust. While present in other places as well, the Dobruja region’s take on it makes it an instant classic.

Pumpkin stuffed with mushrooms, onions and minced meat is a typical dish for those who love a good savoury meal, while PUMPKIN stuffed with fruits – apples, pears, plums and baked is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us.

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