Винарска изба Салла Естейт

Salla Estate Winery

Winery Salla Estate Winery was established in 2010. It is located in the village of Blaskovo, Municipality of Provadiya. The village finds itself in the heart of the famous Provadiya Plateau Sarta, only 60 km away from city of Varna. Nearby is […]

Младенова изба

Mladen’s Wine Cellar

Winery The history of the Mladen’s Wine-Cellar has begun in 2000. Since then The Wine-Cellar has undergone gradual development, including young plantings, technological innovations and the growth of vineyards. Vineyards At present, our vineyards stretch over an area of 110 hectares and […]

Винарска изба Варна

Varna Winery

Winery The winery is part of a complex for grape processing, production of wine and grappa, wine tourism with a wine tasting hall and a shop for wine and accessories. It is located 2 km from the beach, in the immediate vicinity […]

Мадарски конник

Legend of The Madara Horseman

The Madara Horseman is a rock relief carved in the 8th century AD. On a vertical rock at a height of 23 m. Steps to the left of it lead to the Madara Plateau. The dimensions of the image are 2.6 m […]

Добруджанска кухня

Dobruja Cuisine

Dobruja – often called the breadbasket of Bulgaria, is an agricultural region famous for its grain crops. As such, it is no surprise delicious golden pastries are often the centrepiece of their cuisine. Dobruja’s artisans have a little-known trick when making their […]



Albena Resort Complex is situated on the North Black Sea Coast, 35 km north of Varna and 12 km away from Balchik. It lies in immediate proximity to the cool forests of Baltata Reserve. The complex offers approximately 15000 beds in over […]