Резерват Казаните

Kazanite Reserve

The Kazanite Reserve is located in the area of the village of Gyovren in the west Rhodope Mountain.

It was declared a reserve by Order No 508 of 28 March 1968 in order to preserve the mixed Silver fir (Abies alba), Black pine (Pinus nigra), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), Beech (Fagus) and Spruce (Picea) forests.

Nowadays the reserve covers an area of 155.391 hectares, having extremely steep terrains with slopes ranging between 36° – 45° and 1,500 meters in height above sea level.

143 medicinal herbs and four types of forest habitats, three of which are included in Directive 92/43/EU were discovered on the territory of the reserve. 83 more bird species and 49 mammal species can be seen in the Kazanite area.

There is an eco path in the reserve, which is well marked and safe. Visits of the reserve are only permitted for those, who respect the given rules and drive along the marked route.

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