Агушеви конаци

Agushevi Konatsi

The largest late medieval feudal castle on the Balkan Peninsula – the Agushevi Konatsi – is situated in the Rhodope mountain.

The building complex was built by three masters for 20 years – from 1820 to 1840, for the rich Turkish feudal Salih Aga and his three sons. The castle has 221 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys.

The Agushevi Konatsi complex consists of three consecutively connected yards with residential (the house of the lord, houses for the servants and the temporary farm workers) and farming buildings (the shed, barn and other farming buildings), isolated from one another with internal walls. There was a well in each yard.

Agushevi Konatsi was declared a monument of art and culture of national importance by Order No PMC 388 of 30 December 1964.

Nowadays the building complex is a private property.

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