Връх Снежанка

Snezhanka Peak

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The Rhodope peak “Snezhanka” raised 1,926 meters in height. The resort of Pamporovo is situated at the foot of the peak.

The larger part of the ski tracks of the resort start namely from the peak, as their altitude varies between 1,926 and 1,400 meters.

A television tower rises on the Snezhanka peak, where a wonderful view opens to the entire surrounding area. It is not accessible for visitors.

Tourists can reach the Snezhanka peak by the ski lift “Studenets 2” in Pamporovo.

The beautiful nature in the region attracts tourists all year long. During the winter the Pamporovo resort offers very good conditions for winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, entertainment with snow mibiles, winter fishing, etc.

During the summer the Rhodope mountain is suitable for hiking crossings, mountain biking, sport fishing, herb picking, and tourists can stay in any of the hospitable villages in the region or in the resort of Pamporovo.

The towns of Chepelare and Smolyan are situated nearby.

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Smolyan, Smolyan, 4870, Bulgaria.

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