Архитектурен резерват Старинно Карлово

Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo

The tourist complex Ancient Karlovo combines the remarkable for Karlovo city buildings of high historical and aesthetic value. Those buildings are some of the most iconic single cultural monuments in the city. Most of those high-value single cultural monuments which are richly […]

Паметник на Васил Левски - Карлово

Vasil Levski Monument – Karlovo

The monument of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski is located on the central square between the churches St. Nicholas and St. Mother of God. It represents the deep honour and gratefulness to the Apostle by its fellow citizens. The project of […]

Мазаковата къща

Mazakova House

Mazakova House is a cultural monument, built in 1848 – 1850 by the prominent Karlovo priest and Hristo Popvasilev. The House hosts the ethnographic exposition “Karlovo urban life from the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century”. The […]

Къща Белият двор

House White Yard

The White Yard House is another architectural monument, part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo, dedicated to the art painting. The house is a unique model of the mastery of garden landscape design and preserves the authentic spirit of the Renaissance. A […]

Патева Мааза

Pateva Maazel

The Pateva House is part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo. It is another compelling show place of the reserve, also a cultural monument of national significance. It was built by Vasil Patev, the heir of the famous merchant of fabrics, colonial […]

Къща Райно Попович

House Raino Popovich

The Raino Popovich house is part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo and is a cultural monument of national sagnificance. This is the house of the famous and writer Raino Popovich. Its visitors are hospitably welcomed by animators presenting the rich history […]