Архитектурен резерват Старинно Карлово

Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo

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The tourist complex Ancient Karlovo combines the remarkable for Karlovo city buildings of high historical and aesthetic value.

Those buildings are some of the most iconic single cultural monuments in the city. Most of those high-value single cultural monuments which are richly landscaped in the spirit of the Karlovo national revival fields, together with a lot of ancient fountains and wells are situated in the complex.

In its whole Ancient Karlovo architectural reserve is a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves into the incredible Renaissance atmosphere of an extremely one of a kind Bulgarian town, in which anyone can reinvent themselves and their roots.

The architectural monuments are divided by themes, as each one of them represents in its own unique way different topics in the field of culture, art, lifestyle and crafts.

Houses part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo:

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ulitsa "Vasil Levski", Karlovo, Plovdiv, 4300, Bulgaria.

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