Pateva House

Патева къща

Pateva House is part of Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo and is dedicated to the presentation of flowers, herbs, natural beauty and the love of the nature.

All its rooms inside are thematically separated and carry different massages. The visitors could learn curios facts and details about the process of rose production and to get acquainted with the healing qualities of the herbs. The house has a special distillation room which shows the methods of extracting various essential oils.

Also an interesting attraction is the demonstration of the preparation of cosmetics and healing creams. Visitors are offered the opportunity to make their own oils, to taste herbal brandy, tea form roses and other herbs.

As a special attraction and of big interest especially for the little girls is the Queen of the Roses special room with its throne, crown and dresses.

Карлово, Пловдив, 4300, Bulgaria.

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