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Hotel Royal Bath

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Hotel “Royal Bath”, Banya resort, Plovdiv Municipality is a luxurious year-round balneohotel, located in the embrace of the Srednogorski Balkan, 170 km away from the city of Sofia and 49 km away from the city of Plovdiv.

We offer you an unparalleled escape from the busy everyday life. The hotel has its own mineral spring / mineral pool, jacuzzi, hot melt / unique spa center, located in a richly landscaped park surrounding the complex – Tsarska Banya makes you feel the nature and pamper your senses. The numerous benefits of mineral water create excellent conditions for a “healthy reincarnation”.

Hotel Royal Bath has 27 single and double rooms and 3 suites, stylishly furnished, comfortable and practical. The complex provides all the necessary amenities both for relaxation and for organizing various events.

Conference room

Pleasure for business customers is the organization of company meetings, presentations, press conferences, trainings and seminars in the Modern Conference Hall equipped with the necessary multimedia equipment. The capacity of the hall is 100 people.

The Royal Bath Hotel has a restaurant with a capacity of 80 seats. The Tsarska Banya restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere, style and comfort. At any time or whatever your mood, here is the perfect place for every occasion. The design, the color palette, the textures, the lighting, the ceiling, the furniture is based entirely on the corporate logotype of the hotel.

Rehabilitation balneology center ” Royal bath”


Shockwave is a modern device for shock wave therapy and is one of the most successful treatments for pain in the locomotor system. The principle of action in shock treatment is explained with the induction of micro-traumas on the treated site, which forms local ones pseudo-inflammations, which increase metabolic rate activity, reabsorption of calcifications in the tendons and stimulates the natural healing processes in tissues.

The device generates shock waves that are spread radially in the tissues. They are mechanical, high frequency, and carry a lot of energy. They reach a great depth and instantly affect the pain. The method can be successfully used for both chronic traumas and acute traumatic processes.


Super Inductive System (SIS) – a medical device for conducting high-intensity magnetotherapy. The technology is based on a high-intensity electromagnetic field that has a beneficial effect on human tissues. The therapeutic effects that therapy leads to are pain relief, fracture healing, myorelaxation, myostimulation, and mobilization. Since high-intensity magnetotherapy is aimed at influencing neuromuscular tissues, it is used to treat both acute and chronic pain affecting the locomotory system and the nervous system.

With a certain intensity and frequency setting of the electromagnetic field, muscle contractions are induced, the repetition of which leads to the release of contractions. Such interaction is applicable, especially when the main goal is the mobilization of joints. Thanks to stimulating blood circulation and improving tissue metabolism, high-intensity magnetotherapy can accelerate the process of fracture relief during mobilization.

To increase the tone of weakened muscles, SIS causes muscle contractions, unlocking the active potential of neuromuscular tissues.. High-intensity magnetotherapy permanently removes tension in the muscles and is therefore useful in the treatment of spasticity.. Get rid of the pain by taking advantage of comfortable and reliable therapy during your stay! Our medical center at Tsarska Banya Hotel already has an innovative device for conducting high intensity magnetotherapy – the BTL-6000 Super Inductive System.The technology of the device is based on a high-intensity electromagnetic field that favors human tissues. The therapeutic effects that treatment leads to are pain relief, fracture healing, muscle relaxation and stimulation, mobilization.. Thanks to the innovative therapy, our guests will be able to treat both acute and chronic pain conditions of the locomotor system and the nervous system.

Physiotherapy and LFC

  • Magnetotherapy/ Interference current/ Vacuum massage/
  • Galvanic current/ Diadynamic current treatment/ Ionophoresis/ Electrostimulation/ Ultrasound therapy/ High-intensity magnet/ Shockwave / Therapy/ Anti-cellulite / x-wave / therapy/
  • Lymphodrainage/ LFC / Individual /
  • Water therapy: Bath Aphrodite/ Healing bath Pearl bath/ Tangent / underwater massage /
  • Healing: Open mud treatment/ Cal application / Field / Cal application / whole body / Lago / Pomoriy
  • Massage: Classical healing massage: Massage with natural honey / 15min /

At our “Tsarska Banya” Hotel, first of all we care for the client!

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