Къща Райно Попович

House Raino Popovich

The Raino Popovich house is part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo and is a cultural monument of national sagnificance. This is the house of the famous and writer Raino Popovich.

Its visitors are hospitably welcomed by animators presenting the rich history of the House and the place where Raino Popovich himself welcomed and taught his students.

It is believed that right here, in a small prayer room, Vasil Levski sang his first church chants.

An attraction for the tourists is the opportunity to develop an authentic press for document printing with wax seal.
By any guest’s wish there is a chance to draw cards, stamped with rose, to write their favorite letter of the Cyrillic and Glagolitic on handmade paper with real pigeon feather and ink.

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28, ulitsa "Vasil Levski", Karlovo, Plovdiv, 4300, Bulgaria.

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