Исторически музей Карлово

History Museum – Karlovo

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Karlovo Museum of History is situated in the proud building of the former 5th Grade Men’s School, built in 1871., located on Vasil Levski Square.

Throughout its existence, the Museum has collected and preserved hundreds of cultural treasures from prehistoric times, through antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the present times.

The main museum exhibit offers an opportunity to trace back the history of Karlovo and its distinguished personalities.

The museum posses a rich collection of traditional fabrics and clothing from the region. A special attraction for the visitors are the Kukeri costumes associated with the Kukeri dance and game rituals, which date back to the antiquity.

The literary and educational activities of prominent Karlovo writers and s are being traced in details. A rich collection of original weapons, personal belongings and documents of participants in the liberation battles of the Russian-Turkish Liberation War is also on a display at the museum.

The 5th Grade Men`s School building itself is one of the most representative architectural specimens of the era. Several Karlovo revolutionaries, enlighteners and public figures had studied there.

When you visit the museum you will immerse yourself in the authentic Renaissance atmosphere, among which you will learn more about the history of the hometown of the Apostle, the city of the Roses and Gaitans – once being the Center of economic and spiritual awakening of the Bulgarians that gave some of the most prominent initiators, enlighteners, writers and builders of the nation.

Karlovo History Museum is part of the List of 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.

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№ 4, улица Възрожденска, Karlovo, Plovdiv, 4300, Bulgaria.

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