Църква Св. Никола - Карлово

St. Nicholas Church – Karlovo

The Church of St. Nicholas presents a monument of the Renaissance architecture.

It was built in 1847 by the First Master Nikola Troyanov from Bratzigovo and its iconostasis is the work of the carver Anton Stanishev. The bell tower of the church was lifted in 1890.

Its architecture is a specimen for the typical Bratzigovo masters` model-plan of a three-nave church without domes. In appearance the church replicates the architecture of the St. St. Peter and Paul Church in Sopot, although it is not so full of details.

A curious fact is that during the solemn beating of her bells the name of the church “Saint Ni-Cho-Las” could be heard. In that Church also in 1858 the National Holiday “Day of the Bulgarian writing” was celebrated for the first time.

The grave of Gina Kuncheva – the mother of Vasil Levski is in the courtyard of the church.

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Karlovo, Plovdiv Province, 4300, Bulgaria.

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