Бухалов хан

Owl’s Inn (Buhalov Han)

Buhalov Han is part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo.

The house itself is one of the iconic Renaissance houses in the architectural reserve.

It is a centre of crafts and cultural traditions, as inside various ateliers are divided in craft workshops where visitors can see weaving, wool knitting, making the original Kalofer lace, wood carving and more.

Buhalov Han has also a workshop where visitors can make by themselves various items such as magnets, key chains, cards, knitted baskets and other items, which to keep as a unique memory of their visit.

One of the special attractions of the house is the coffee brewed in sand, which is made on a copper grill and is served with rose jam, fig jam or white jam.

Attending the attraction the visitors are able to immerse themselves in the authentic ancient atmosphere of the house or enjoying the beautiful view sitting on its porch.

There are presented typical national costumes for Karlovo Region, which anyone could dress up and take a picture with.

During the rose picking period (usually in the spring months of the year – May and June) a demonstration of the making of rose jam is organized in the yard of the house.

Various exhibitions, book presentations, as and well as Christmas, Easter and March markets are organized too at Buhalov Han.

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49, ulitsa "Vasil Levski", Karlovo, Plovdiv, 4300, Bulgaria.

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