The largest karst spring in Bulgaria – Kleptuza – is located on the right bank of Chepinska River, by the mountain slope of residential quarter Chepino in the town of Velingrad.

It is situated at the southwest end of Velingrad, to the left of the road to Dospat Dam.

The region was declared a protected territory with Ordinance No 407 from 9 February 1966. The whole area of the protected territory is 412 hectares and covers the lands between Tsigansko Dere and the watershed divide. The spring’s debit is 580-1,180 l/s. It is one of the symbols of Velingrad.

Some of the spring waters are used for the water supply of Velingrad, the fish breeding pond and other residential needs.

Some of the spring waters supply two beautiful artificial ponds which are among the most popular spots for rest and recreation among the guests and inhabitants of the resort town. There are pedalos available at the pond and several restaurants around it.

In the area of Kleptuza there are 100-160 year old  European black pines, over 50 rare for the region tree and shrubs species and more than 260 grass species.

The area Markovi Skali (“Marko’s Rocks”) above Kleptusa features the only crossing of a meridian and parallel in Bulgaria – geographic coordinates 24 degrees east longitude and 42 degrees north latitude.

Kleptusa sprouts a multitude of marked trails which lead to the regions of Harmanite, Brezi, Sivata Voda, etc.

The small and medium enterprises centre also offers tourist services in Bulgarian, English and Russian.

Velingrad is one of the most popular SPA and balneologic resorts in the country. The town is well-known for its healing mineral water and favourable climate, which have alleviate a number of ailments.  There are many hotels here, some of which very luxurious.

Most of the hotels offer SPA centres with a variety of SPA procedures. Velingrad is a wonderful place to relax both in summer and in winter. The natural beauty of the countryside around Velingrad provides excellent opportunities for ecotourism and relaxation.

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