Блато Алепу

Alepu Swamp

Alepu swamp is located about 7 kilometers south of Sozopol.

It is a firth with a total area of 166.7 hectares, 3.3 kilometers long and almost 320 meters wide. The name Alepu comes from Greek and literally means fox, therefore the landmark is also known as the Swamp of Foxes.

The swamp is covered by reeds and other swamp vegetation. The firth is separated from the sea by a sand dune shore, which is also a natural landmark.

The area is home to many rare animal and plant species. The swamp is a nesting area and wintering place for the pigmy cormorant (Phalacrocorax pugmeus), various heron species, ducks and swans.

It is also one of the few nesting sites of the White- tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) at the Black Sea coast.

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Unnamed Road, Sozopol, Burgas, 8130, Bulgaria.

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