Крепост Лютица

Lyutitsa Fortress

Lyutitsa Fortress is located 5 km southwest of Ivaylovgrad, near Roman Armira Villa. It is one of the best preserved Bulgarian medieval fortresses and one of the biggest in the Eastern Rhodopes. It is also known as The Marble City and Kaloyan’s Citadel. […]

Архитектурно-исторически резерват Вароша - Ловеч

Architectural and Historical Reserve Varosha – Lovech

The architectural and historical reserve Varosha covers the entire old part of the town of Lovech along the right bank of the river Osam. Part of Varosha are also series of buildings on the left bank of the river – near the […]

Чудните мостове

Chudnite Mostove (The Wonder Bridges)

Chudnite Mostove (The Wonder Bridges) is a rock phenomenon also known as the Skalnite Mostove (The Rock Bridges). It is situated in the karst valley of the river Erkyupriya in the West Rhodope mountain on 1450 above the sea level, at the […]

Мостът на Колю Фичето на река Янтра

Kolyu Ficheto’s Bridge over the Yantra River

The Byala Bridge is situated at the northeastern part of the town of Byala, Ruse Municipality. It was built over the Yantra River in 1865-1867 on the orders of Mithat Pasha, Vali of the Danube Vilayet. Its construction was necessitated by the […]

Покрит мост на Колю Фичето - Ловеч

Kolyu Ficheto’s Covered Bridge – Lovech

The covered bridge in the town of Lovech is one of the town symbols and one of the most often visited local landmarks. In the end of the 19th century the residents of Lovech contacted the self-educated builder Kolyu Ficheto with the […]

Долмени - Хлябово

Dolmens – Hlyabovo

One of the most interesting monuments of antiquity – the Dolmens – is located in Byala Treva area, near the village of Hlyabovo. The Dolmens (from Breton – dol – mass and men – stone), are the first representatives of the monumental […]