Легенда за Поморийският манастир Св. Георги Победоносец

Legend of the St. George Victorious monastery – Pomorie

The monastery in Pomorie is established by Greek setllers durnig 7th century AC.

During the Ottoman invasion it is destroyed. In 17 century Salim Bay settles down and built a farm. The Bay was suffering from incurable disease. According to a legend his servant dreamed that miraculous water flowed under the farm.

He did not believe, but a handsome young man on a white horse began to appear to him in a dream – it was St. George.

The servant dug up at the place given by the dream and found a marble relief of St. George and springs underneath. Salim Bay was cured of the bad disease by the live giving action of the water.

Annually on May 6, a liturgy and worship is celebrated. There is also a three-day fair in Pomorie.

The current church is built in 1856 on the foundations of the previous temple. Many icons are stored and preserved in it.

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