Море плаж пясък

Veleka Beach (Sinemorets North beach)

Veleka Beach is located north of Sinemorets, to the left of the main road, just before entering the village.

The mouth of the Veleka River itself is a natural landmark and is one of the most beautiful places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

At the very spot of touching by the sea, the Veleka River forms a beautiful coastline about 700 m long. The beach is guarded, has restaurants and sunbeds and is almost never crowded.

What makes Veleka a unique beach is the fact that it separates the Veleka River from the sea, which allows its visitors to choose whether to dive into the sea or the river.

One characteristic feature of the beach is that it consists of small pebbles that are a little bit rougher than sand as that may create a slight inconvenience to the more demanding visitors.

Veleka Beach becomes deep very close to the shore, which makes it not very suitable for families and for small children. Given the peculiar phenomena of the currents formed by the inflow of the river into the sea, the sea is quite dangerous and not suitable for inexperienced swimmers.

This peace of nature is a protected area, part of the Strandzha Nature Park and is extremely quiet and isolated. There are some rare species of plants and animals that could be found at the reserve.

At the southern end of the beach you can find an unique natural landmark – a rock formation that represents a human head in profile and is popular by the names The Indian or The Sphinx.

There are legends that connect this phenomena cliff sculpture to the mystical cave-tomb near Malko Tarnovo village and with the beliefs that it was created by human activity.

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Sinemorets, Burgas, 8279, Bulgaria.

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