Море плаж пясък

Veleka Beach (Sinemorets North beach)

Veleka Beach is located north of Sinemorets, to the left of the main road, just before entering the village. The mouth of the Veleka River itself is a natural landmark and is one of the most beautiful places on the Bulgarian Black […]

Море плаж пясък хора чадъри Синеморец Бутамята

Butamyata beach

Butamyata Beach is the central, southern beach of Sinemorets and is one of the most visited in the region. Due to the specifics of the location of the bay, the beach is shallow and the sea water is calm and warm. This […]

Море плаж скали пясък вълни дърво

Lipite beach

Lipite Beach is located south of Sinemorets village. Along with Listi Beach, this place also offers to the wildlife followers, peace and privacy. Lipite is poorly visited and unguarded beach without lifeguard and any restaurants. Part of the Strandzha Nature Park and […]

Море плаж скали вълни

Listi beach

Listi Beach, together with Lipite Beach are wild, calm and secluded beaches located between Sinemorets and Rezovo. Listi Beach is located in the Strandzha Nature Park. The access to Listi Beach is quite difficult, mostly by walking routes which pass along the […]

Море плаж скали

Silistar beach

The Silistar Bay is one of the most beautiful and splendid beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It unites the beauty of Strandzha Mountain and the Black Sea. Silistar beach is the last large beach before the Turkish border. It is […]

Море плаж скали вълни Резово

Rezovo beach

Rezovo is located 11 km form Sinemorets and is situated in the most southern point of Bulgaria. Rezovska river divides the Bulgarian and Turkish coasts. The Rezovo beach is pristine, rocky and not so much large but calm, secluded place. The water […]