Винарска изба Бойар

Boiar winery


Boiart winery

On this splendid and ancient Anhialo soil, now Pomorie, still continues an ancient tradition – the grape growing and production of high quality wines and rakia with which the area has been famous throughout its 25 century history.

During the year of 1922 one of the distinguished families in the business – Boychevi – begun the development of vineyards and established a small winery, which was nationalized in 1952.

During 1998, the brothers Simeon and Dimitar Boychevi together with Argir Hristoforov, resumed the old family wine growing tradition by the development of 350 decares of vineyards situated in close proximity to their new winery Boiar.

The modern equipment used for the processing of grape, the classic underground wine cellar with French and California oak barrels, fully automated bottling line, distillation center – all of these are accents of the new image of the winery.

The vision of Boiar is complete with the wide line of products – high quality white and red wines, rakia, liqueur, and brandy.

Welcome and get to know us and our products in which we have poured much love and hard labor. Please visit us and dive into the magic of Boiar.


Continuous sunshine to 2360 hours per year, average temperature of air and water is 23,6 ° C. Consecutively alternating winds (breezes) of sea to land and from land to sea rhythmically refresh the air. The atmospheric pressure was 70 mm Hg. Because of the slow cooling of the sea water, the autumn is warm and long. The average autumn temperature is 20,5 ° C.

Wine tours

Here in our winery „BOIAR“ you can enjoy many nice moments by participating in our wine tasting tours or simply by enjoying the scenery, which includes the black sea and our spending garden.

During the wine tasting you will be joined by our wine makers, who will show you around the winery including the production center and the beautiful scenery of our vineyards.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy our best wine and rakia products and enrich your wine culture while being guided by one of our specialists.You can also experience many pleasant emotions if you choose to participate in our night dinners and wine tasting.

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Pomorie, Burgas, 8201, Bulgaria.

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