Море плаж вълни залез Ахтопол

Ahtopol beach

Ahtopol beach is located in the bay of Lardigo, at the northern part of the city and reaches the Dolphin Campsite.

The beach is 10 to 100 m wide and almost 2 km long, which makes it one of the largest around Tsarevo municipality. It is well sanded and the water is shallow, clean and warm almost throughout the whole year.

Ahtopol beach is guarded, there are restaurants available, areas with umbrellas and sunbeds, free area and free parking. It is suitable for families with children looking for peace and quiеt.

It is also a favorite place for followers of bodyboarding, surfing and diving.

The name of the beach comes from the Greek word Laros (Γλάρος), which means seagull.

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Бургас, 8280, Bulgaria.

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