The town of Obzor is situated at the border between the areas of Burgas and Varna.

It is situated in a gulf, starting north of cape St. Atanas and reaches the Emin mountain. The Obzor resort is located at the scenic road, connecting the southern and northern seacoast, 65 km south of Varna and 6 km of the town of Byala. It is 74 km away of Burgas and 37 km of Nesebar.

The population of the town is about 2,000 people. The climate is temperate-continental and the average temperature in July is 23° С.

The beach of the resort is about 10 km long and 20 to 60 meters wide. Especially beautiful are the southern beach and Irakli. The sand is grained and golden-colored.

Obzor offers various entertainment options – discos, bars, restaurants, pubs, small family restaurants, and for the children there are attractive facilities, slides and pools at the hotel complexes. Hotels in the town are numerous and various – there are large and luxurious resorts and small family hotels.

Obzor is one of the most ancient settlements at the sea shore. The numerous architectural and ceramic fragments, which were discovered in the area of the town and the remains of fortress walls attest to its rich millennium old history.

The first settlement in the area was Thracian and its name was Navlohos. The Greeks founded here Heliopolis (Sunny Town) in the 1st century BC. Later, the summer residence of the Byzantine emperors was built in the same lands.

The Romans built here a temple of Jupiter and constructed a fortress to guard their sea trading routes between Constantinople and the Danube. Nowadays in the small park of Obzor the remains of columns are exhibited, capitals and statues of the Roman Jupiter temple.

Later, the Bulgarians built here the Kozyak fortress, the remains of which are located at a distance of about 3 km from Obzor. The ruins of the fortress foundations and remains of fort towers can be seen nowadays in Kaleto area.

During the Ottoman Dominion, the village Gyozeken (Obzor in Turkish) was built in these lands. In 1934 the name of the village was replaced by Kozyak Grad, and since 1936 the town has been called Obzor.

Obzor was officially announced a town on 9 September 1984.

Tourists in Obzor can see the museum exhibition of the town. The historic and ethnographic collection has been gathered for more than 30 years and presents the history, lifestyle and culture of the inhabitants of the ancient village.

The items are divided into two main topics. The first one is history and archaeology. It has more than 800 exhibits that date back to the period between the 5th – 4th century BC and 18th century AD.

The second is an ethnographic exhibition and has about 300 exhibits. It covers the period between the 18th and 20th century AD.

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Obzor, Burgas, 8250, Bulgaria.

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