Море плаж скали пясък вълни дърво

Lipite beach

Lipite Beach is located south of Sinemorets village. Along with Listi Beach, this place also offers to the wildlife followers, peace and privacy.

Lipite is poorly visited and unguarded beach without lifeguard and any restaurants.

Part of the Strandzha Nature Park and surrounded by forest and hills, the bay is an extremely beautiful and untouched by human activity place. Situated between the trees and the sea, the beach has clean, fine and soft sand.

Due to the geographical specifics of the place, the sea water at Lipite Beach is very quiet, calm and clean. The southern end of the bay is shallow and extremely suitable for families, especially for children.

The rock formations at this part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have not passed the Lipite Bay. All sorts of bizarre shapes attract curious glances as their magic can wake up the imagination of every person.

Some of the natural phenomena there have their own names – the Rock of Sisyphus, the Divided Rock, the Cave of the Pigeons – a spectacular view!

This beautiful small bay could be reached by a walking route, starting from the southern end of Butamyata Beach.

There is also a rough dirt route but its use is not recommended due to the fact that Lipite is located at the territory of Strandzha Nature Park and the vehicle entry into it is strongly prohibited.

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улица „Липите“, Sinemorets, Burgas, 8279, Bulgaria.

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