Rezovo beach

Море плаж скали вълни Резово

Rezovo is located 11 km form Sinemorets and is situated in the most southern point of Bulgaria. Rezovska river divides the Bulgarian and Turkish coasts.

The beach is pristine, rocky and not so much large but calm, secluded place. The water area is one of the cleanest on the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coast, suitable for diving as remains of several sunken steamers could still be seen on its seabed. The screw of one of them could also be seen at the History of the Anchor Museum.

Rezovo is characterized by its tranquility caused by the limited construction of the region, slow people flow and the enormous richness of its wildlife. Before entering the village there is a border police station where a quick check of your ID documents and those of your vehicle could be required.

104, 9901, Rezovo, Burgas, 8281, Bulgaria.

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