Самоковски девически манастир Покров Богородичен

Shroud of Holy Mary Nunnery – Samokov

The monastery “Shroud of Holy Mary” is located in the town of Samokov.

It was established in 1772 by grandmother Fota of Samokov, who donated her own house to the Rila Monastery and founded a nunnery in it.

The nunnery expanded as new buildings, donated by the local people, were added to the main house. In the 19th century the nunnery developed a comprehensive educational activity.

The church was built in 1837 – 1839; a cook house and other buildings were gradually built; the cloister turned into a monastery complex.

Some of the icons in the temple were made by Dimitar Zograf (Bulgarian icon artist, brother of the famous icon artist Zahari Zograf); at the porch visitors can see a wall painting of the Patroness Virgin, which is believed to be made by Zahari Zograf (a famous artist of the Bulgarian Revival period, one of the most prominent representatives of the Samokov Art School).

The altar of the cathedral has three conches, and the church architecture bears many typical features of the Building Schools of Tryavna and Dryanovo. It is believed that the temple was built by master Dimitar Sergyov of Tryavna.

The temple visitors can see icons of Holy Mary with her Son, Jesus Christ, St. Cyril and St. Methodius and other saints. It is believed that the icons in the iconostasis were made by Hristo Dimitrov – father of Zahari and Dimitar Zograf, considered the founder of the Samokov Art School.

The Samokov Monastery is a functioning convent. The memorial day of the temple is 1 October. Visitors of the temple can learn more about its history from the informational materials, sold in the temple.

On appointment, one of the nuns in the monastery can also tell more about the temple. Lectures are free of charge. The monastery does not offer accommodation.

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ulitsa „Tsar Boris III", Samokov, Sofiyska oblast, 2000, Bulgaria.

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