Скравенски манастир Св. Николай

Skravena Monastery St. Nikolay

The monastery “St. Nikolay” is situated at a distance of 2.5 km north-east from the village of Skravena, in the locality of Gradishteto, municipality of Botevgrad. There is not much information about its history. It is believed that it was established during […]

Томбул джамия Шериф Халил паша - Шумен

Sherif Halil Pasha Mosque – Shumen

Sherif Halil Pasha Mosque, also known as Tombul Mosque is located in the town of Shumen. It was built in 1744. The design of the temple was influenced by the tulip oriental architectural style which developed at the beginning of the 18th […]

Патриаршеската катедрала Св. Александър Невски

Patriarchal Cathedral St. Alexander Nevsky

The cathedral temple “St. Alexander Nevsky” is considered a symbol of the Bulgarian capital. It is located in the center of Sofia, at the eponymous square. The reflection of its golden domes attracts attention from miles away. St. Alexander Nevsky, whose name […]

Кокалянски манастир Св. Архангел Михаил

Kokalyanski Monastery St. Archangel Michael

The Kokalyanski Monastery „St. Archangel Michael” lies a few kilometers from the village of Kokalyane, in the eastern part of Plana Mountain. It used to be linked by a road with the Bistrishki, Dragalevski and Boyanski monasteries. Nearby the fortress of Urvich […]

Църква Света Петка Самарджийска - София

St. Petka Samardzhiyska Church – Sofia

The church “St. Petka Samardzhiyska” is situated in the center of Sofia city – in the underpass between Sheraton hotel and the Central Department Store, near the entrance of the Serdika metro station. The temple is dedicated to the Martyr Petka Ikoniyska. […]

Самоковски девически манастир Покров Богородичен

Shroud of Holy Mary Nunnery – Samokov

The monastery “Shroud of Holy Mary” is located in the town of Samokov. It was established in 1772 by grandmother Fota of Samokov, who donated her own house to the Rila Monastery and founded a nunnery in it. The nunnery expanded as […]