Кухня от шоплука

Shopluk cuisine

In Western Bulgaria you will find the territory known as Shopluka and there you will find the Shopi.

A proud people with a relentless spirit and a love for good food and strong brandy. There are three main products on every table – pork, beans and prune jam but it would be remiss not to mention the delightful hot peppers as well.

Shopska salad – while carrying the region’s name, this iconic salad was actually created during the 1950s as part of a marketing strategy to promote Bulgarian cuisine. Nevertheless, it has become a beloved staple the of the Shopska kitchen. It is prepared from fresh vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and grated white cheese.

Radomirska kavarma – pork, leeks and pickled peppers cooked in a clay pot. Topped with eggs.

Shopska sparja – an excellent appetizer for red wine. It is made from pork offal, dried peppers and leeks. Fried to perfection.

Breznishka drob sarma – large sarma stuffed with lamb trifles, leeks, rice and spices, wrapped in a veil.

Shopsko sirene – cheese baked in a clay pot with tomato, pepper, egg and hot pepper.

Zelnik – This variation of the traditional Bulgarian pastry dish get its name from the variety of local greens that make up its stuffing –  spinach, cabbage and sorrel.

Divotino Liutenitsa – specific regional variation of the liutenitsa, made from dried peppers and leeks.

Beans are an integral part of traditional Bulgarian cuisine. It is rich in many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Countless recipes have incorporated beans, from salads and soups to a variety of bakes. One such delicacy is beans with local pastrami.

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