Кухня от шоплука

Shopluk cuisine

In Western Bulgaria you will find the territory known as Shopluka and there you will find the Shopi. A proud people with a relentless spirit and a love for good food and strong brandy. There are three main products on every table – pork, beans and prune jam but it would be remiss not to […]

Легенда за София Света София

Legend of Sofia

The Byzantine Empire was flourished during the rule of Emperor Justinian. His daughter Sofia was ill and that broke his heart. Many physician tried to cure her without success. An old man came to the Emperor and told him that Sofia should change the place she live and move elsewhere. The Emperor found a village […]

Легенда за Самодивско хоро в местност Вильо Коло

Legend of the Fairies choir in the Velyo Kolo

Konstantin Irechek claims that Bosilegrad region is not inferior to the beauties of the Swiss mountains. Next to the village of Plocha, nearby the Serbian-Bulgarian border are located ruins and a regular circle with a small hole in the center and unusually tall grass around. The place is called Velyo Kolo. According to legend there […]

Легенда за Осеновлашки манастир Седемте Престола

Legend of the Osenovlashky monastery of the Most Holy Mother of God (The Seven Altars)

The monastery of Osenovlak, Sv. Bogorodica (Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus) better known as Sedemte Prestola (The Seven Altars) is located in the beautiful valley of Gabrovnitsa River on the road from Elisejna Train Station to the village of Osenovlag. According to legend seven boyars (noblemen) built seven beautiful villages near the monastery called Osenovlak, […]

Легенда за връх Мургаш

Legend of Murgash peak

Many a year ago there lived a beautiful young girl. So beautiful, legends spread far and wide. Suiters from all villages came to seek her hand, but she turned them all away. And so it was for many years. Tired of all the admirers, the girl wondered how she could outwit them and be rid […]



Borovets is one of the biggest mountain resorts in Bulgaria. It is located at an elevation of 1300 m on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain, some 70 km away from Sofia, approximately 130 km from Plovdiv, and 10 km south of Samokov. The average temperature in January, the coldest month, is around +4,8° C. […]



The town of Bankya is situated at a distance of 17 km west of Sofia, at the foot of the Lyulin Mountain, at or around an altitude of about 700 meters. Its population is about 9,500 people. The climate in the region is temperate continental, with an average January temperature of + 2o C and […]

Художествена галерия Владимир Димитров-Майстора - Кюстендил

Art Gallery Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora – Kyustendil

The Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora” in Kyustendil was established in 1972 in honor of the 90th anniversary of the renowned artist. The building occupies an area of 4,200 square meters and has seven exposition halls with natural upper lighting. Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora (The Master) (1882 – 1960) is one of the most […]

Национална художествена галерия

National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is the largest and the most representative museum of the Bulgarian fine arts in the country. It is housed in the building of the former royal palace (declared a cultural monument in 1978), together with the National Ethnographic Museum. The beginning of the collection was set in 1892 when the art […]

Зоопарк - София

Zoo – Sofia

One of the attractions in Sofia is the Zoo. It is the oldest and largest Zoo on the Balkan Peninsula. It covers an area of more than 360 decares and was established in 1888 by Prince Ferdinand, and initially it was situated near the former royal palace. The first animal in the zoo was a […]

Скравенски манастир Св. Николай

Skravena Monastery St. Nikolay

The monastery “St. Nikoly” is situated at a distance of 2.5 km north-east from the village of Skravena, in the locality of Gradishteto, municipality of Botevgrad. There is not much information about its history. It is believed that it was established during the existence of the Second Bulgarian State (1185 – 1393). It was demolished […]

Патриаршеската катедрала Св. Александър Невски

Patriarchal Cathedral St. Alexander Nevsky

The cathedral temple “St. Alexander Nevsky” is considered a symbol of the Bulgarian capital. It is located in the center of Sofia, at the eponymous square. The reflection of its golden domes attracts attention from miles away. The temple was built in honor of the Russian Emperor Alexander the 2nd, also known as the Tsar […]