Кухня от шоплука

Shopluk cuisine

In Western Bulgaria you will find the territory known as Shopluka and there you will find the Shopi. A proud people with a relentless spirit and a love for good food and strong brandy. There are three main products on every table […]

Легенда за София Света София

Legend of Sofia

The Byzantine Empire was flourished during the rule of Emperor Justinian. His daughter Sofia was ill and that broke his heart. Many physician tried to cure her without success. An old man came to the Emperor and told him that Sofia should […]

Легенда за Самодивско хоро в местност Вильо Коло

Legend of the Fairies choir in the Velyo Kolo

Konstantin Irechek claims that Bosilegrad region is not inferior to the beauties of the Swiss mountains. Next to the village of Plocha, nearby the Serbian-Bulgarian border are located ruins and a regular circle with a small hole in the center and unusually […]

Легенда за връх Мургаш

Legend of Murgash peak

Many a year ago there lived a beautiful young girl. So beautiful, legends spread far and wide. Suiters from all villages came to seek her hand, but she turned them all away. And so it was for many years. Tired of all […]



Borovets is one of the biggest mountain resorts in Bulgaria. It is located at an elevation of 1300 m on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain, some 70 km away from Sofia, approximately 130 km from Plovdiv, and 10 km south of […]