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Etropolski Monastery St. Trinity

Етрополски манастир Св. Троица

The Etropolski Monastery “St. Trinity” is located about 6 kilometers east of the town Etropole.

It is believed to be founded in the 12th century AD. The monastery is a complex of a church, residential buildings and farm buildings. The church was built in 1859 AD.

The complex includes two chapels – “St. John the Baptist” and “St. Kozma and St. Damyan”. In the 16th – 17th century the monastery used to be the greatest spiritual center in northern Bulgaria.

The Varovitets karst spring, which forms a beautiful waterfall, is located near the monastery.

The monastery was declared a cultural monument. The memorial day of the monastery is Pentecost (The day of the Holy Trinity).

Sofia Province, 2192, Bulgaria.

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