Къща за гости Златина

Zlatina Guest House

New country house located next to the forest. The house is fully equipped with all the amenities for a great country experience close to nature.

Часовникова кула - Етрополе

Clock Tower of Etropole

The Etropole Clock Tower was built in 1710 by the master builder Todor and is one of the oldest clock towers in Bulgaria. It is made of smooth stones and travertine (a type of limestone), and is 20 meters high. It was […]

Исторически музей - Етрополе

History Museum – Etropole

Etropole (11 000 people) is a town in Stara planina (Old Mountain, the Balkan) located 80 km northeast of Sofia and 13 km away from Pravets. The History Museum in Etropole launched its first exhibition in 1958. Ten years later, in 1968, the […]

Етрополски манастир Св. Троица

Etropolski Monastery St. Trinity

The Etropolski Monastery “St. Trinity” is located about 6 kilometers east of the town Etropole. It is believed to be founded in the 12th century AD. The monastery is a complex of a church, residential buildings and farm buildings. The church was […]