Връх Марагидик

Legend of Maragidik Peak

Maragidik is a peak in the Balkan Mountains, above Apriltsi, its other famous name is “Mermaid”.

Located north of the central ridge, it can be seen from the entire northern foot of the mountain, east of the Beklemeto pass.

There is a stunning view of the entire Vidima river valley from the top, the town of Apriltsi, part of the North Jendem and the Fore-Balkans.

The legend tells of the sister of Tsar Ivan Shishman – Princess Mara. Doomed to the harem of Sultan Murad, on her way to Edirne passed by these places.

The princess wished to look at her homeland for the last time, from this peak, and out of grief over the enslaved homeland from her eyes and clear tears flowed and turned to a river Tazha. The peak and the pass are named after her – Maragidik (Beautiful Mara).

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