Любовна чешма Трявна

Legend of Love Fountain

The legend of the beautiful love fountain in Tryavna tells about the love between a young carver and the most beautiful girl from Tryavna.

The boy was not recognized as a master by the local guild and the girl’s father did not allow them to get married. In order to remain together, the young couple escaped.

However the girl mourned her father’s house and begged her lover to return, but the old father had already died when they returned.

The girl cried and where the tears fell, water gushed. Then the boy decided to carve the image of his beloved from marble. He created a white marble fountain and a bench at this place for the passengers.

The water from this fountain flows with equal force throughout the year and has never dried up. Legend has it that whoever takes a sip of this water, drinks a part of this love, which remains in him forever.

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