Връх Марагидик

Legend of Maragidik Peak

Maragidik is a peak in the Balkan Mountains, above Apriltsi, its other famous name is “Mermaid”. Located north of the central ridge, it can be seen from the entire northern foot of the mountain, east of the Beklemeto pass. There is a […]

Любовна чешма Трявна

Legend of Love Fountain

The legend of the beautiful love fountain in Tryavna tells about the love between a young carver and the most beautiful girl from Tryavna. The boy was not recognized as a master by the local guild and the girl’s father did not […]

Куна кралица

Legend of Queen Kuna

The Karlukovo karst region abounds in impressive rock slopes and amazing landscapes. There is the Prohodna cave, also called “Eyes of God” – one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria, as well as the natural phenomenon – Chervenitsa rock, the emblematic […]

Гложенски манастир Св. Георги Победоносец

Legend of Glojenski Monastery St. George the Victorious

The monastery “St. George the Victorious” is located about 17 km from the village of Glozhene. The holy monastery can be seen from afar, as it is located on a rocky peak in the Teteven Mountains. It is believed that in the […]

Легенда за Тодорини Кукли

Legend of Todorini kukli peaks

In the northwestern part of Stara Planina between the Petrohan pass and the Kom peak rise three peaks with the fabulous name Todorini Kukli (Todora’s Dolls). The Berkovitsa chorbadji Tano had a wonderfully beautiful daughter named Todora. Many young men from all […]

Легенда за момин вир и момин скок

Legend of the momin vir and the momin skok

The village of Emen is located in the picturesque foothills of the Balkans, 20 km from Veliko Tarnovo, near the Emen canyon of the river Negovanka. Legend has it that the beautiful Neda and her friends lost their lives in order to […]